Yanmar C50R-3B - Carrier - Yanmar Site Dumper


Yanmar C50R-3B - Carrier - Yanmar Site Dumper Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Make : YANMAR
  • Model : Yanmar C50R-3B - Carrier
  • Subcategory : Site Dumper
  • By-Application : Mining Trucks
  • By-Size : Midi Dumper
  • By-Terrain : Off Road Trucks
  • By-Tonnage : 3 Tonne Truck
  • By-Traction : Tracked Dumper
  • By-Type : Standard Dump Truck
  • Fuel-Type : Diesel Truck
  • Truck-Size : Mini Trucks


C50R-3B - Yanmar Carriers

Operating Weight 5290 kg

The Yanmar C50R-3B All-Terrain Carrier is a workhorse, especially under extreme conditions where ordinary trucks can not operate. For example, when tunneling, the slim-bodied C50R-3B with its unique revolving operator's seat offers versatility no ordinary truck can match. The C50R-3B's high floatation capability associated with low ground pressure allows productive operation in wet muddy conditions and minimizes disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas.

The C50R-3B is ideal for use on:* Steep slopes * Sand * Snow * Soft and swampy areas2

Engine Output : 103.3hp (77.0kW)
Max. travelling speed : 5.7mph (9.2km/h)
Max. payload : 8,380lbs (3800kg)(*Canopy, Box-shaped dump body)



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